Peter's Services

Planning an event and want everything to be just right? Let Peter handle the entertainment part so that you don't have to. Peter is a cornucopia of serious sleight of hand skills and he knows how to bring the heat. Whatever kind of event you are planning, let Peter rock the crowd. Your guests will thank you for it afterward.

  • Scouting Performances
    Peter's scout show is the perfect entertainment for Blue and Gold banquets, popcorn and cookie sales reward, or an extra fun den or pack occasion. Peter's show is fun, magical, and very entertaining. He appeals to a broad audience so he will entertain kids, adults, and everyone in between.
  • Mitzvah Performances
    Are you looking for something fun and interactive for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Peter’s mingle magic will have your guests laughing and having the time of their lives. Peter will astound both the kids and the adults with his strong, visual magic.
  • Mingle Magic
    Mingle Magic is that special genre of magic where Peter mingles with the guests as a mysterious visitor approaching various small groups and astonishing them up close. The advantages of this is that it is more intimate, it is often an unexpected surprise, and it is something most people have never seen before
  • Standup Shows
    Peter's stand up show is more of what one would think of as a comedy magic show. The guests are seated and all watching the show together. His 45-minute show is fun, hilarious, creative, and entertaining.
  • Family Shows
    Peter's family show is the perfect entertainment option for your next event. Peter has captivated family audiences at resorts, community events, theaters, and in homes across the country.
  • The Cardini Act
    This is an act like no other. It is a one-act play. It is a magic show. It is beautiful story of transformation. Peter, the downcast and overworked janitor, is cleaning a magic museum. As he begins to interact with the Cardini display, strange things begin to happen...