The Cardini Act

This is an act like no other. It is a one-act play. It is a magic show. It is beautiful story of transformation. Peter, the downcast and overworked janitor, is cleaning a magic museum. As he begins to interact with the Cardini display, strange things begin to happen. His broom and dustpan come to life, his handkerchief flies away, and cards appear out of thin air to terrorize Peter.

Peter is haunted by Cardini until he actually becomes Cardini. Now he is in absolute control of the magic. I won't tip the climax and resolution so as not to spoil the ending. It has to be seen and experienced live.

This is the act that has won Peter many, many awards. It is perfect for gala shows, variety shows, as an opening act for headliners, or as part of a larger production.

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