Family Shows

Planning a birthday party? A community party? A communion? Peter's family show is the perfect entertainment option for your next event. Peter has captivated family audiences at resorts, community events, theaters, and in homes across the country.

Peter's family show is 45-minutes long. It is hilarious, fun, exciting, highly entertaining, and very magical. In the show Peter provides an awesome experience that kids will remember for a very long time. But his show is a family show so it is not only entertaining for the kids, it is entertaining for the adults as well. Parents are always raving about how hard he had them laughing and how badly he fooled them.

In the show he also use audience participation. That means that several audience members get to help with the magic. He gladly steps aside and lets the kids become the stars. This makes for amazing memories. The audience laughs together, gasps together, and applauds together.

Ask about Peter's popular add-ons to his family show. They include balloon art and a teach-a-trick session. Peter is an accomplished balloon sculptor and can make dozens and dozens of different shapes. The teach-a-trick session is where Peter sits with the audience after the show and teaches easy-to-master tricks that they can amaze their friends and family with.

Also, a popular gift is Peter's Excellent Beginner Sleight of Hand DVD. In it, Peter teaches several effects for those new to magic and includes two special cards to help make some of the effects possible.

  • Private parties
  • Community events

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