Peter's Scout Shows

Peter's scout show is the perfect entertainment for Blue and Gold banquets, popcorn and cookie sales reward, or an extra fun den or pack occasion. Peter's show is fun, magical, and very entertaining. He appeals to a broad audience so he will entertain kids, adults, and everyone in between. Do you want laughs? Gasps? A memorable event? Let Peter handle the entertainment portion of your evening.

Peter also offers his famous teach-a-trick session. In it, he will sit with the scouts and teach them sleight of hand and mental tricks that they can practice and learn. They will learn public speaking skills, self-confidence, the rewards of practice and rehearsal, and be able to amaze their friends and family. Ask about this exceptional feature.

  • Blue & Gold performances
  • Scout meeting performances
  • Teach-a-trick sessions
  • Other scouting events

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