Stand Up Shows

Peter's stand up show is more of what one would think of as a comedy magic show. The guests are seated and all watching the show together. His 45-minute show is fun, hilarious, creative, and entertaining. This kind of magic brings everyone together and gives them a shared experience. The audience laughs together, applauds together, and gasps together.

Here is what you get in Peter's stand up show:

Theatrical pick-pocketing. Peter will steal your watch, your phone, and several items out of the wallet that is in your pocket (and will give it all back afterwards, of course). This is a fun, hilarious routine that will impress and astonish the entire audience.

Body language reading. It all started with David Korem's book The Art of Profiling. Peter began studying body language and has turned it into an amazing magic routine where it seems like he is really reading your mind.

Chad. This is Peter's uproarious opener that he has played to open shows off-Broadway and in variety shows across the nation.

Fabulous Feats of Finger Flicking. So athletes train their bodies. Peter trains his fingers. Watch the wild and ridiculous stunts Peter can perform just with his ten digits. You have to see this (and try it) to believe it.

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